What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business cooperation between a merchant or advertiser (who has some product or service to sell) and an affiliate (who can be a website owner, blogger or online publisher) such that the affiliate will promote the merchant's products or services on his/her websites or online publications, and is rewarded by the merchant for doing so. Visitors to the affiliate's website may click on links or ads which take the visitor to a landing page on the merchant's website, where they may get more information about the products, sign up for a newsletter, submit an enquiry, or make a purchase.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate Marketing Network

An Affiliate Network or an Affiliate Marketing Network is an online service which facilitates Affiliate Marketing by providing tools and infrastructure software for:

  • enabling merchants and affiliates to connect with each other;
  • merchants to create advertisements which the affiliate can publish;
  • enabling merchants to manage their affiliates, and to specify the amounts to be paid to them for referrals and sales commissions;
  • detecting and tracking visitors as they click on advertisements, and for routing them through to the landing page on the merchant's website;
  • detecting and recording goals (e.g. leads and registrations) and orders which the visitor may place subsequent to being referred there by the affiliate;
  • tracking the referral fees and sales commissions to be paid to affiliates, and for paying these on a period basis on behalf of the merchants;
  • providing merchants and affiliates with referral statistics for performance management.

Demonstration Page

Sample blog page

The following link shows a demonstration page, which could come from a blog, and shows some sample advertisements which may appear. These are functional, and if clicked, will direct your browser to a demonstration online shop via the Vendexo Affiliate Network Click here to view a sample page which an affiliate may publish. or on this: Vendexo blog on blogspot.com.

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