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Revitaliser - Fruit & Vegetable Juice
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Revitaliser - Fruit & Vegetable Juice

This juice full of Vitamin C helps to sweep up all the free radicals floating around your body while eliminating toxins, in other words "revitalising" every cell in your body.


  • Carrot
  • Orange

Keep refrigerated 0° to 5°C.

Consume within 3 days of delivery.

Shake well before use. May contain small particles of fruit and veg.

Suitable for freezing. Do not refreeze once thawed.


  • 330ml €3.50
  • 500ml €4.90
  • 1 litre €9.00


At the moment we only deliver single juices on Thursdays to Stillorgan / Sandyford / Leopardstown Industrial Estates. Please contact us for any questions and give us 48 hours notice. Delivery charge is included in the price.