About Vendexo

Vendexo designs and develops leading edge software for the e-commerce and affiliate marketing sectors and makes this available to merchants and affiliates as a service so that they can enhance their position in the marketplace. This Software as a Service approach frees the merchants and affiliates from the time-consuming overheads associated with buying, installing and maintaining software. It also ensures that as the software is developed and enhanced, they are able to avail of the new functionality without having to struggle through complex upgrade and installation procedures.

What makes us different?

  • As a young Irish company, we are initially trying to address the needs of merchants, affiliates and the end consumer in Ireland. Our Affiliate Network is therefore a great platform for Irish merchants to use. It is easier for Irish merchants to get their ads published on sites aimed at Irish readership using our affiliate network. Irish affiliates/publishers will find it much easier to find products to promote which match the interests of readers from Ireland and which are likely to convert to sales and commissions.
  • Our products and services are priced at levels considerably below our competitors due to our highly productive tools and efficient operations. Merchants put off by the high cost of other service providers now have the potential to develop and grow their share of the fast expanding online market.
  • Our systems were designed from the start to be easy and intuitive to use. There is also comprehensive online help available with a click to provide explanations relevant to the task being performed.
  • The support we provide our users is different, because it is given by the developers of our software, those who know it inside out, and can get customer issues resolved quickly.

Our affiliate marketing software minimizes the amount of time merchants have to invest in setting up an affiliate marketing programme for their business. The ongoing cost of running and administering an affiliate marketing programme is also kept to a minimum because of the convenient performance statistics that are available.

At Vendexo, we are driven by a commitment to our merchants and affiliates. By listening to their needs, problems and ambitions, we can focus our efforts to help them achieve their goals. Become part of our community today.

Vendexo is a business unit of Critical Edge Limited, a company located in Dublin, Ireland. Company registration number 357748.

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