Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have an existing website to sell online using Vendexo?

    No, but if you do have one, you can add a link from that site to your online shop, and you can have a "Home" link from your shop back to that website thereby making navigation easier for your visitors.

    It is also possible to register a domain name (e.g. and have it point to your shop. Contact us if you need help with this.

  • What will the web page address (URL) of my shop be?

    This depends on which of the following options you would like to choose:

    • If you would like, we can register a domain name for your shop, and the domain name will point directly to it. So, if you register "", then will be your shop's web page address (URL).
    • If you already have a website, say, then we can arrage that the URL point to your shop.
    • You can simply (and immediately) use the following URL where shopcode is the code (short identifier) you give to your shop when you create it.
  • Can I analyse data on visitors to my shop?

    Yes, the shop management console will give you basic hit counts and visitor counts, and in addition, if you create a Google Analytics account, which is free of charge, you can have obtain more detailed analysis (such as visitors over time, what pages are most popular etc.) You'll just have to enter your Google Analytics Id into the shop's configuration using the management console.

  • Can I export my product and order data?

    Yes, product and order data can be exported to comma-separated values (csv) files which can be read by Microsoft Excel and other popular spreadsheets or databases for analysis or financial accounting purposes.

  • Can I import product data?

    Yes, you can use the product import function to create or update products in your shop in bulk. If you have the data in a database or spreadsheet, save it to a comma-separated values (csv) file format and this can be uploaded into the product import function of your shop.

  • What payment methods are supported?

    We currently support:

    • Cash on delivery,
    • Cheques,
    • Bank transfer,
    • Postal or Money Orders,
    • Gift vouchers (see question below),
    • Stripe Payments (which accepts most credit and debit cards),
    • PayPal (which also enables your customers to pay using their credit card even if they don't have a PayPal account),
    • Realex Payments (which accepts most major credit and debit cards including Laser),
    • WorldNetTPS (credit and debit cards including Laser).

    You choose which ones you want to offer to your customers. More can be added based on merchant need, so please let us know your requirements.

  • Can I specify free delivery for purchases over a certain amount?

    Yes, this is done with a free delivery coupon type which you specify to be redeemed automatically at checkout if the purchases and destination country meet the criteria which you define.

  • Is there support for discount coupons?

    Yes, merchants can create three different types of coupons:

    • Percentage Off: which takes a specified percentage off the price of goods
    • Monetary Value: which reduces the price of goods by the specified amount
    • Free Delivery: which grants the buyer free delivery of the purchased goods

    The merchant can also place conditions for the coupons to be effective (e.g. must buy at least 10 items, or basket value must not be lower than some amount. Coupons can also be made specific to certain products.

  • Can I sell gift vouchers and have these used as a payment method?

    Yes, the system can generate gift voucher codes and will accept these as a payment method where valid.

  • Do I have to know how to code HTML?

    No, Vendexo includes a Rich Text HTML editor so that you can easily produce formatted text for your shop and product descriptions in a way similar to how you would using a word processor such as Microsoft Word. You can also edit the raw HTML if you want to.

  • What advice can you give to merchants to increase sales from their online shop?

    We have written a webpage on that topic: Advice for Online Merchants.

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