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E-Commerce Platform Privacy Policy

Retained Data

Online Shop Configuration Data

The system maintains the information provided by the merchant about themselves, their business, about the configured shops, shop theme and styling settings, the payment methods they wish to use to accept payments from customers, sales tax/VAT settings, delivery/shipping configuration, coupon and voucher configuration, product categorisation configuration, discount settings, information about the products themselves and other such configuration information and settings supported by the E-Commerce Platform.

This information is needed by the platform to offer the e-commerce facility to the merchant so that the merchant can trade online.

Order Data

The system maintains the information collected during the shopping and checkout processes. This information includes, inter alia, when the order was created, the customer's name, contact details and IP address, the shipping/delivery contact details and addressing information, the details of the goods ordered, coupons and vouchers used, and the payment method used which may include payment transactional information. Where the customer pays with a card, we do not store the payment card number or security code - these are sent directly from their browser to our payment processor partners over an encrypted channel.

This information is needed so that the merchant can prepare the order and arrange for the ordered items to be delivered to the customer. The information is also needed so that the merchant can perform financial reconciliations, financial reporting and tax filing. This class of data is subject to minimum retention periods as specified by the tax authorites.

We may also process information collected from online shop visitors, which may include automated processing and decision making, to improve the shopping experience for the end users, to improve the features and quality of the platform software, and to detect and prevent fraudlent or potentially fraudulant activity.

Newsletter Subscribers

The System offers a newsletter facility to merchants, enabling them to send information to customers and those who sign up to receive such newsletters. The subscriber provides their name and an e-mail address in order to join the subscription list. This uses a double-opt-in process, whereby the subscriber must perform the second step of confirming receipt of an e-mail sent to them seeking their approval to join the list and which contains a coded web link (URL) which they need to follow. This confirms to our system that they control the e-mail address to which they wish the newsletters to be sent. The system appends an unsubscribe link to the newsletter which enables the subscriber to easily remove their name and e-mail address from the newsletter list.

Control of Personal Data held by the E-Commerce Platform

The Merchants and Vendexo jointly control the personal data held on the platform. The platform offers a web-accessible (via https which encrypts transmissions) to the Merchants so that the Merchants can perform the administrative functions associated with running the online shops.

The Merchants have responsibilites, under law and applicable data protection regulations, to uphold the rights and freedoms of the people whose personal data is retained by the E-Commerce Platform. Merchants must familiarise themselves with these laws and regulations and operate accordingly. They must grant to the people whose personal data they keep on the E-Commerce Platform, the rights which they have under these laws and regulations, including access to their data, rectification of errors in their personal data, and erasure of their personal data (excluding classes of personal data subject to a minimum retention period by law).

The E-Commerce Platform offers a facility for Merchants to make their own privacy policies and terms and conditions available to visitors to their online shop. Merchants must ensure that such privacy policies meet the requirements of data protection laws and regulations, must state the type and classes of personal data which the Merchant collects and processes, and the rights which people have to access, rectify and erase their personal data. The policy must also state that in order to provide the service, and for the legitimate interests of Vendexo, that their personal data will be processed by Vendexo and its agents.

The Merchants are the point of contact for their online customers who may have queries related to shopping on their online shops, their orders, delivery, returns etc. including queries related to personal data processing.

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